IDEM's professionally produced technical documentation saves you time, gives you peace of mind, and gives your customers even greater satisfaction and confidence in your brand.

Peace of mind

Reduce your liability risk!

  • Documentation that complies with legislation, guidelines and standards
  • Protection from warranty and product liability claims

You benefit from IDEM's

  • Qualified expert knowledge
  • Many years of writing expertise
  • Current level of information

Time saving

Gain more time for your own business!

  • Partial or complete outsourcing of documentation creation
  • Requires little time on your part

You benefit from IDEM's

  • Industry-specific expertise
  • Professional documentation processes
  • Comprehensive services

Cost savings

You save real money!

  • Low creation costs for subsequent documentation
  • Minimized translation costs

You benefit from IDEM's

  • Reutilization options due to modular creation
  • Use of your CAD data for producing graphics
  • Use of translation memory tools for translation

Quick availability

Save yourself that unwanted deadline stress!

  • Fast project starts

  • Short project terms

You benefit from IDEM's

  • Greater flexibility
  • Strong manpower
  • Fast responsiveness


Product enhancement

Make your product even better with high-quality documentation!

  • It underlines the value of your product and reassures customers of their purchase decision
  • It improves your image and strengthens customer loyalty

You benefit from IDEM's

  • CI-compliant, attractive layouts and design elements
  • Experienced media creators and illustrators

Reduced support costs

Increase your customers' ability to help themselves!

  • Efficient and proper use and correct maintenance and repair of your product
  • Self-help assistance

You benefit from IDEM's

  • Information preparation and flow that is tailored to the target audience
  • User-oriented document structures
  • Publication options in classic and alternative

You can focus entirely on what you do best, because we take care of compiling the technical documentation for you – from research all the way to publication!


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