Media design

  • Development of company-specific logos and complete corporate designs that are suited to the respective target audiences
  • Individual, tailor-made layout creation for the customer's company
  • Compilation of marketing materials, for example flyers, leaflets and product brochures
  • Web design
  • Film production – In cooperation with highly specialised partners, we produce your film idea, be it an instructional video, commercial, product film or documentary.
  • Print production in close collaboration with experienced and state-of-the-art printing establishments

The steady growth of new media and formats always allows for new means of communications that companies can use to spread their information.

IDEM's team of media designers ensures that your projects are executed perfectly and creatively - Media design. The people who work here are all specialists as well, such as graduate designers and media designers.

Whether it be layout work, logo development or the creation of marketing material: we have the perfect solution for everything. In close collaboration with you, we develop complete corporate designs, design your websites or produce films for you. We are also happy to handle the printing of your instructions or marketing material.




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