• Line drawings - Even complex technical products become easy to understand with clear black-and-white illustrations that are reduced to the essentials
  • Halftone graphics We present your products realistically and effectively underline statements with the targeted use of high-quality illustrations
  • 3D data visualisation – By processing your design data, we create high-quality illustrations that depict your products realistically
  • Digital photography – We create professional photos of your products or process and graphically optimise your existing photos
  • 3D animation – Conventional 2D or modern 3D animations from your design data allow you to illustrate complex topics easily and clearly, e. g. for training or marketing purposes

A picture is worth a thousand words – pictures are an important tool for illustrating complex, technical matters as well. When placed correctly, they are a fundamental building block for successfully conveying information.

Whether it be line drawings, halftone graphics, digital photos or 3D animations, your content will be accentuated with attractive graphics and high-quality image material. Our graphics specialists work closely with our technical writers to illustrate your technical matters in a manner that is understandable and appropriate for the target audience.

To ensure optimum graphics quality, our graphics specialists have in-depth experience in using common CAD illustration and image-editing programs.




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