Proofreading & terminology

  • Review of German-language specialised texts and translations for spelling, grammar, style and terminology
  • CLAT machine review/proofreading (Controlled Language Authoring Technology)
  • Use of data bases for rapid and cost-effective terminology management
  • Development and maintenance of company terminology to promote the brand recognition of your company and to consistently reuse specific technical terms
  • Translation of terminology for high translation quality and increased/improved consistency

Quality is the key success factor for any product. And quality assurance is an important step to achieve that. This also applies to the quality of the text in your technical documentation. Good, concise and, above all, correct text is important and helps to win over customers. Any error  is a nuisance and can lead to costly text corrections. In addition, a uniform style increases your company's brand recognition.

Proofreading ensures the quality of your documentation. Texts are reviewed for proper spelling, grammar, style, and terminology. We also perform CLAT machine proofreading for customers.

The value of individual, in-house company terminology should not be underestimated. When done right, it provides a tremendous boost to your company's brand recognition. Certain terms immediately invoke your company and your products in the minds of customers. That is advertising around the clock!
We develop your company's terminology in close collaboration with you and ensure that your company terminology is consistently and properly used throughout your  texts. Not only does it increase your company's brand recognition, but it also ensures good and clear communication within your company.

However, to increase your brand recognition beyond country borders, you also have the option of having your established company vocabulary translated for your foreign-language documentation. This ensures uniform translation quality and increases consistency.




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