Personnel services

  • Needs-related personnel support with flexible contract running times
  • Positive addition to and relief for your employees
  • Industry-wide specialist knowledge
  • Individual consulting and advice
  • Active staff recruiting through professional requirement and applicant profiles and more qualified applications
  • Professional personnel selection processes
  • Savings in terms of cost and time through pre-selection of applicants

As your professional partner for technical documentation, we set high standards for ourselves. As such, our overriding goal has always been to flexibly cater to our customers' projects and implement them in a timely manner. Our experienced and reliable employees here at IDEM can quickly meet your project-dependent need for work capacity.

For special project assignments, we recruit new, highly qualified personnel for you and guarantee personalised support during the entire course of the project. Using accurate job specifications and the right personnel interview strategy, we put the right employees at the right place.


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